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Oct 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
california. a tornado touched down in yuba county. it's like 40 miles north of sacramento. strong winds tore of roofs of bidding and uprooted trees and downed power lines. sound similar to what we experienced on friday but there were no reports of injuries. >>> look at this damage from a yard on cox road in jarrettsville. it was not just a bad storm but turns out the national weather service did confirm it was an ef0 tornado that touched down. >> this is the second string of these we have had lynette. this was a few or a few months ago late june. fallston and har forecounty got hit -- harford county got hit too. >> this was a ef0 and sustained wind at 08 miles an hour. nothing -- 80 miles an hour. nothing like that today. we should stay dry. we see wet weather on the satellite and radar. but that stays to the north as we go through the remainder of today will we will get some clouds in here. but also some sunshine. and temperatures now quite mild. 56 degrees in ellicott city. district heights 55 degrees. myersville 56 and clarksburg coming in at 54. then the upper 40s in bel air and eas
Oct 22, 2012 6:00am EDT
northwest, but seeing snow in the higher elevations of california as well. as we bring it close to home, nothing of the sort. we are not dealing with clouds this morning. mainly clear skies, all of that will be sunshine once that sunrises this morning. temperatures right now, are chilly, 46 degrees in reisterstown, 48 ellicott city. german town 44. 45 frederick. 47 annapolis. the low to mid-40s easton, chester town, and haverly grace, good morning, 49 degrees. we are chilly right now. as the jet stream retreats, it will usher in warmer air, that will continue through the week. we will have a nice week if you like the warm weather to. the tropics, we are dealing with trouble, here, you can see it -- the complex of showers, storms, unsettled weather, this will become in next 48 hours or so, 80% chance of becoming sandy, this will start to slide toward the north. this could be bringing us unsettled weather in to next weekend. we will keep you updated on the information. for today, nothing unsettled or disturbing. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. by this afternoon, temperature around 65
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
return. >> batts was a former police chief in long beach, california as well as in oakland. >>> well, lawsuits now in the works over city water bills. circuit court clerk frank conaway says the city let businesses slide on their watting bills but -- water bills but let businesses slide over the same thing. critics claim his lawsuit is all about publicity. >>> well, it's being called the great southeast shakeout. federal emergency officials want you to also remember drop, cover and hold on. remember stop drop and roll? this is now what's being known for earthquakes. now people across five states including here in maryland were all affected by this back in august are taking part in the drill today. last year that 5.8 magnitude quake hit near richmond causing a lot of damage. >>> got to get away but the cash is low? we are working for you this morning. coming up we're going to give you some tips on what you may need to know if you want to travel on a budget. >> two women on a mission to help breast cancer survivors. abc2 news' kelly swoope will tell you what the ladies are up to. >> and
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> this is not compared to anything what drivers are paying in california. this is real sticker shock. some customers a rig more than $5 -- are paying more than $5.50 for regular unleaded. >> i never have seen 5.99 almost6 a gallon. that's insane. >> i don't know how everyone can make it these days. >> everybody is just so amazed by the prices but we have no choice we could take it down and just have no gas or we have to just charge that. we have no options. >> experts blame the price hike on refinery outages and gas prices in southern california. they are about 50 cents -- 57 cents per gallon higher than the national average. that's according to aaa and the national average for gallon of regular gas 3.78. so, that's got to be a painful situation. >> lauren joins us with our addition today of caption this. >> reporter: yes. it's a good one today. debbie sent in this picture celebrating purple fridays with coworkers at the university of maryland school of medicine and it's a great picture. if we can pull it up. we posted it on facebook. it has gotten a lot of comments. cheryl say
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
screen. that's the tip of the endeavor making its way to california. good morning maryland continues in a few moments. >>> want to see the happiest dog around. >>> and getting some loving from lynette and look at this guy. he is being pampered. and no trouble getting home contact the spca if you would like to find out about butter cup. you can wrestle him away. >>> what will your kids be for halloween. something you need to think about. now big bird seeing a surge thanks to the governor. a costume wholesaler says that uns the nominee mentioned the character during the first debate in denver, orders for the costumes have been flying in. all right, lauren is joining us now a quick transition. >> and on today's ticket was sent in and it is her husband shawn. and their dog jack. enjoying a vacation down in north carolina. we posted a picture on your facebook it generated a ton of comments. and one wrote in saying give me the treat. and the caption saying that's the last time you hold the keys. rosa perez where did you hide my bone. and no dogs allowed on the beach during the su
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5